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  • Tour communities together and get a feel for the community.
  • Regroup as a team, and you can ask questions. Together, we’ll determine the appropriate community.
  • This is a FREE service for the seniors and their families!


  • Help you determine which belongings to take.
  • Help you sort through closets, attics and garages.
  • Help you dispose of unwanted items -- to a charity, through an on-line garage sale, or auction.


  • Provide packing material and pack each item carefully and appropriately.


  • Arrange all aspects of the move, including full move out and clean. We will do a final walk through as the movers are loading the last items on to the truck. We will empty the garbage, refrigerator, and arrange for any special items that need shipping or special care.


  • On all local moves, we will escort the move truck to the new residence. At the new residence, we will unpack, plug in phones, install tv’s and computers, and even make your bed! Then we’ll remove all of the moving boxes.


  • We will handle any administrative tasks that you would like, such as change of address for magazine subscriptions and utilities. Just let us know you would like that as part of the package.

Real Estate

  • We work with real estate professionals who have clients that need downsizing, decluttering or have hoarding disorders. We will work on site to help with liquidation of furniture and belongings, either through on-line auctions, donations to charity or friends. Our professional team at ChangingSpaces can be the one and only source you need!

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