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We are a team of professionals with many years of working with seniors! We are a complete resource for families, from making the appropriate housing placement, moving, downsizing and decluttering to working with people with hoarding disorders.

We know it’s like a puzzle, trying to put the pieces together. ChangingSpaces knows the missing pieces that you need.

We know seniors need unique assistance. Families and communities need support, too! ChangingSpaces supports all three. We are here to make everyone successful in the move. We also educate seniors and their families during the change in space.

We move seniors throughout the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex, within the state of Texas  and across the country!  ChangingSpaces has those resources!!

We will arrange a complimentary one hour face to face consultation meeting with each family before they select us! Our owner, Samantha Ehsani, who is also a social worker, provides her cell number ((214) 406-5273) to families in case they have any questions about their selection or upcoming move.

We base our pricing on the services you choose! Specific details and customized packages are available. Please contact ChangingSpaces directly! We are now offering Senior Placement Services! Ask us about it!

A Senior Move Manager & Relocation Service of Dallas- Ft Worth

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